Putuntica comes to Bremen - Falck and Aguirre stay


Putuntica comes to Bremen - Falck and Aguirre stay

Putuntica comes to Bremen - Falck and Aguirre stay

Mattias Falck, Marcelo Aguirre and Kirill Gerassimenko will remain on the Weser for another year. The club is parting ways with Cristian Pletea, with second-division player Andrei Putuntica from the Bremen training squad coming in as a replacement.

SV Werder Bremen completely reorganized itself in 2019 with three new players. Since then, there has been consistency in the Bremen team: after Kirill Gerassimenko extended his contract by two years last year, he has now been joined by Mattias Falck and Marcelo Aguirre for a further year each. The trio have now established themselves as regulars at the north German club and it is now official: all three players will continue to play for the Whites in the 2024/2025 season.

"I'm very happy to be playing for Bremen for at least another year. I like the club, I like the coaches and everyone else at the club. I feel at home there and I'm looking forward to my sixth season in the Bremen jersey," says Bremen's number one Mattias Falck. The 32-year-old lives with his family in Sweden and commutes to Germany for matches in the German Table Tennis League.

Paraguayan Marcelo Aguirre is also entering his sixth season in a Werder jersey. "I feel like I'm improving my game every year and I enjoy working with Cristian Tamas as my coach," said the 31-year-old. "I would like to thank the club and manager Sascha Greber for their trust in me and my work." Like Falck, Aguirre also emphasizes that the club feels like home to him. The 31-year-old also hopes not just for this year, but for "many more years" in Bremen.

"We are very happy that we were able to extend the contracts of our three players. Mattias, our leader, our number one, who always gives everything for the team. Both at the table and off the table. We are very happy that he has extended his contract. Likewise Marcelo and Kirill - already last year. Both are absolute team players. We are a tight-knit unit," says Werder manager Sascha Greber. In this context, he and Cristian Tamas are also grateful for the support and good cooperation with managing director Anne-Kathrin Laufmann.

Cristian Pletea leaves SV Werder Bremen

Cristian Pletea was part of the Werder squad for two years. Now the 23-year-old will leave the club. "Cristian Pletea now needs a team where he can play regularly and get some match practice," says Sascha Greber. His three teammates have played such a strong season so far that Pletea has only had a few playing times at Werder. "We wish him all the best," Greber continued.

The new signing: Andrei Putuntica

Andrei Putuntica, who is playing in the second division at SV Union Velbert this season, will replace Cristian Pletea. "I'm currently playing a good season in the second division. That's why I have a lot of self-confidence," says the left-hander. And Sascha Greber adds: "He's currently the best player in the second division."

However, the Moldovan-born 25-year-old already has experience from the Bundesliga and therefore knows: "The level is very high." He played in Mainz from 2021 to 2023.

Putuntica already knows his new team-mates in Bremen very well. He has been a member of the training group in Bremen for many years. "If you add up all that time, I've been here for a few years. In the meantime, I went to Spain, but I'm back now," says Putuntica. "And I can say that it feels like home here."

For the Werder manager, the 25-year-old fits perfectly into the requirements profile that is placed on a new player. "It's very important to us that the player lives here in Bremen and takes part in training with the team twice a day. And he simply has to fit into the team," says Greber. "We are very happy that we were able to sign Andrei Putuntica. He is well-known to us and has been a good friend of our players and training partners for many years."

The reigning Moldovan champions are also certain that he will fit in well with the team. At the very least, he is prepared to give his best. "If we are a good team and work well together, we will also achieve good results," says Putuntica. And he has also set himself goals: "I hope that I can help the boys reach the play-offs next season."

Source: Press release SV Werder Bremen
Featured image above: Andrei Putuntica (Photo: Patrick Wichmann)

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