TTBL Sport GmbH is a subsidiary of the TTBL Trägerverein e.V. The Trägerverein holds 100 % of the shares in the company.

The TTBL Trägerverein is an association of the Bundesliga clubs playing in the German Table Tennis League. The supporting association bundles, organizes and represents the common interests of the clubs in the 1st Bundesliga Men. The supporting association participates in the further development of the top table tennis sport in Germany and wants to secure and expand the status of the German Bundesliga as the best national league in Europe.

To this end, it develops concepts to increase the attractiveness of the Bundesliga matches and their event character. A further concrete objective is to improve the financial resources of the Bundesliga clubs in the long term by means of better, central marketing of the image and television rights and an increase in the presence of the Bundesliga on German and international television, thereby making more professional club structures more affordable and, in the long term, being able to use more modern arcades and infrastructure for Bundesliga matches. In addition, the TTBL sponsoring association, in cooperation with the German Table Tennis Association, takes over the organization and implementation of the ongoing match operations of the highest German league.

In order to be able to fulfill its objectives, the sponsoring association founded TTBL Sport GmbH as an operating company on November 2, 2010. Its headquarters and offices are located in Fulda.

The TTBL Sport GmbH has the following main tasks:

Planning, organization and implementation of top table tennis sport in the men's 1st Bundesliga in Germany as well as its match operations and related events.

Establishment, acquisition and marketing of copyrights, trademark rights and other rights, powers and rights of use or exploitation in events and other occurrences of top men's table tennis sport in Germany.

Preparation, production, acquisition, sale or other exploitation of image and/or sound carriers, including signal rights thereto.

Establishment and expansion of central league sponsorship. TTBL Sport GmbH works closely with the German Table Tennis Association. For this purpose, a so-called basic agreement was concluded on January 6, 2011, which newly regulates the organization, implementation and marketing of the Table Tennis Bundesliga as of the 2011/2012 season.

TTBL office

The office of the TTBL Sport GmbH is located in the heart of Fulda. The managing director is Nico Stehle, himself a former Bundesliga player with TTV Gönnern.

TTBL Sport GmbH
Market street 12 36037 Fulda
Phone: +49 661 5801839 0
Fax: +49 661 580183921